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Minecraft Server: War Realm Alpha

Merry Warmas!

Today I am announcing that {{WaR}} will be opening a new MC server. This server will open up in phases, using a whitelist. The idea behind this server is a little different from Kingdoms. First, it will disable a lot of the crappy recently added features of minecraft for a more hardcore experience. Secondly, There will only be one capturable area, located in the end (nether portals will be used to travel there). This area will give rewards. Most of the fighting will be condensed to this "War Realm". There will still be teams and team areas though, teams can build bases, and at a later date, team area jails will be created. Killing an enemy player in the normal world (war realm doesn't count) will send them to your team jail for a certain amount of time. This is more hardcore, it is almost like permadeath/deathban except other people can try to break you out of jail.

Some information about the server:


Nether - Disabled
Running - Disabled
Enchantments - Disabled
Potions - Disabled
Hunger - Disabled (Eating gives health now)

Teamcraft - Updated Areas System + Upgrades.

This will be the alpha to start. I will approve or deny applications for non-war members based on how well I know them and if I think they will make the server fun.

Once a spawn is built and area capturing/rewards are implemented, the server will enter beta and we will let in more people and be less restrictive with approving or denying whitelist applications.

If you would like to play on our server for this alpha phase, please post below and include your minecraft account name. If you are whitelisted I will upvote your request post on this thread.

Why is running disabled?

Well alrighty then,

Oooh I'd be interested in joining. Sounds a lot more balanced.
My ign randomly changed to TheGofer94 but I still login with GordonCameron Must be something to do with Mojang accounts. Could you add both to the whitelist ah please?

jioji wrote:
Why is running disabled?

Because it is more like classic minecraft, and it makes it so fights aren't just a bunch of people running and jumping in circles.

There are sitll horses for getting around faster.

Whitelisted you both.

IGN: chipclip

chipclip wrote:
IGN: chipclip


Also for the future people who want to join, if I thumbs up your post it means I have whitelisted you.

Good point. Horses fix the need to run.

Hey Sat could I possibly join the server?

Hey Sat and the guys.

Sorry it took me this long, apparently my main email doesn't get emails anymore, so had to use a different email address.


IGN: Ryguy92250

Hope to see y'all soon! :)

CaRBoNiiC wrote:
Hey Sat could I possibly join the server?

no u cheat

Sat Daddy, ples add me, then kiss me. SHhhhhhh

well fuck you too

Hey satros can i join the server? :)

Satros. kablenator (being all caps sensitive now due to my younger brain being incompetent in the art of wording) wishes to gaze upon your visage once again. Plus your son invited me, so, it would be nice.

Whitelist please :)
IGN: linksith

I would like to join and play with you guys!

My ign is Likme

Hey satros can a25564 join the server? :)