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[Minecraft Server] Report Bugs

Here is a thread for reporting and keeping track of bugs for the War Realm Minecraft server.

If you find a bug please report it.

So last night I created a team area for the Guerrillaz, a.k.a. Banana. I named it the "Banana Hideout".

Anyway, I assumed that the team areas would work similar to the previous version of Kingdoms, in that they could be upgraded and that have a maximum size of 200x200 (but not captured, since Satros stated that earlier it would only be an area in the End).

I used /land claim to create the area, and then proceeded to use /land upgrade to upgrade the area.

First, I used /land upgrade regen, since it seems the most valuable. I had about 22 gold blocks combined from all the mining of my team. The server said "Your team's homeland has been successfully upgraded." and proceeded to take 5 gold blocks from me.
No problem, I was surprised it took so little amount of gold blocks. Anyway, did the same thing with size alerter next, then cleanser. All of them had the same quote from the server, and took either 1 or 5 blocks to do so.

I think I had 11 gold blocks left at this point somehow, or at least I still have that many. The final upgrade, size, seems to be bugged.

I did /land upgrade size at least 15 times, and the server responded with the same quote as the other upgrades. However, I noticed I wasn't losing any gold blocks, and after the 15 times or so, the server stopped responding to my entering of command /land upgrade size. So I tried again a little later and still no response. My assumption is that I maxed out the area, but Satros claimed that I had "400 blocks area" and it was "too big".

So not exactly sure if it's a bug or not, but I'm letting everyone know so they don't run into the same problem as me. Hopefully Satros will take a look and see what's up, if anything is wrong.


If you give a mob items with durability and kill it they drop fully repaired items.

Melvin3000 wrote:
If you give a mob items with durability and kill it they drop fully repaired items.

Thank you

Doing "/team land" shows an error message saying to use /team area help, instead of /team land help.

2 possible bugs, or balance issues with food.

Rotten flesh is now a food source that heals 2 health (The same as a carrot) Since zombies now spawn other zombies, and they all drop 0-2 rotten flesh when killed, it is sort of overpowered compared to farming.

Spider eyes are no longer usable as food though, due to the poison they leave dealing more damage then it heals.

Also [Bridges] don't seem to work. They either give an error message of "unusable material" or "not enough blocks to trigger"