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mattman's game

yo mattman says he has been palyign this game lately
it seems preffty cool, basically u can do whatever u want

mattman says hes in a army of hobos (sounds liek our mattman huh?)

anyways any1 else wanan try it out wit me? may be fun

woot got a new comp ^^ 600 mhz insted of 400 hehe
but.. its vid card is so bad it cant view anything so im back on my old one

ok who needs a second life onlinehonestly, instead of it being called Second Life it should be called I have No Life

ye, kinda boring to play, i only played forl ike 2 misn tho

that may just be the stupidest game ever.

you dont do anything at all.
you run around, and talk to people, and buy sunglasses.
and, theres absolutely no violence.