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Mass Effect

If any of you like RPGs or third person shooters, get it. Game of the year material.

It involves a bunch of walking around, threatening random quest givers with pistols, and blowing a hell of a lot of shit up in combat that is like Gears, but more futurey. Imagine Zelda: Ocarina crossed with Knights of the Old Republic with Gears combat with Halo weapons. It's that epic.

Also, I'll take a picture eventually, but there's a solar system named Sparta, and in one of the planet descriptions it talks about how a ship wouldn't surrender and shut down it's weapons, so it was attacked by a hell of a lot of other enemy ships and eventually lost.


"Ahhh Ahhh I'm being frameraped" Thats what I say when I play that game.

Jedi wrote:
"Ahhh Ahhh I'm being frameraped" Thats what I say when I play that game.

LOL frameraped

lol. I kind of ignore the framerate drops. Usually.

god bhaal, the night you got it i sent u like 1000000 private chat invites cus i wanted to ask how it was, way to ignore me, lmao

i might get it though

i might have to get it ftw

I'm Def going to get it. When my xbox gets back.

bhaal lemme borrow it for a night so i can see if i wanna get it lolol

not this week tho cus im too busy

Sure Sat. And I kept ignoring you because half of WaR messaged me that night, and without checking I figured that you all kept asking me to play Halo 3. And just tell me when you want it. But you can have it for a couple nights. The game doesn't really pick up until a couple hours into it. Once you get your ship and you can fly anywhere you want it gets interesting.

so whats the story line all about? thats what ive been wondering.

Well your this guy and there are these other aliens. Some are good some are bad and some are robots. Then there are these other aliens that are kill everyone and you have to stop some other alien from bringing the back the super evil kill everything aliens.

Except presented like 100 times better.


EPIC explosions!

Is there online play? if so what's it like


No online. Only single player stuff. The SP doesn't really play like it'd be good for MP (you usually need to pause combat and whatever to issue orders), and Bioware didn't want to rework the entire game to make MP.

So I bought it just because I realized there are no good games coming out for like 2 months, and it's pretty good.
I wish they would have put more weapon types and more biotic powers and it really bugs me that you don't have to reload.. even if they entwined it with overheatting, and just made you have to reload like a battery or something so you had like 60 round clips in a pistol etc.

Other than that it's really well made, and the way the dialog works is great.