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lets play again

im in college NAOW and im feeling like playing halo 3 lately, but no one in my friends list is on, lets get some games together sometimes guys :3

i can play wheneverim bored alot nowadays since ive finished all gws campaigns and zmod 2 on css sucks and gg mod is kindof repetitiveand i have more to complain about but im too lazy to type

lol sounds good im bored of gw too kinda

its gunna be a few days b4 i can fix my xbl here, they either block it (so i will have to work around it) or i gotta register it here/ call the IT kid, ill figure it out though

it suddenly works now :3

me n my roomate were playing halo 3 with doyle lol good stuff, so play now people!

cept tonight ill prolly be at a party. BUT YEAH

schweeti guess its time to blow the dust off of my H3 disc

nvm red ring od death ftl.

i guess in a few weeks?


FIX'D ftw

stfu brandon, get a 360 NAOW
cus soon were all gunna be playing together, and your gunna be sitting at home with no frandz and no one to be a sidekick to

srsly guys play xbox again im on everyday with 2-3 other people from my dorm and i wanna play with u guys againz