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Launch Experience

im gunan take a second out from palying halo 3 and tell you about waiting in line n shit hehe, feel free to share ur stories

ok so me n my freind n a few other kids we know got their at like 8 and set up chairs n shit and hung around then like 8 more of our freinds came and we were all liek first in line so it was sick

like halfway through waiting these 2 chicks pull up in a van, one white trash chick and a big black lady, they start screaming at this one guy saying sumthing about how he hit their cousin or some shit, they leave and say there gunna be back

a hour later the 2 ladies come back also with a short fat black lady and they start hitting the guy n shit, then about 8 cars fulled with 4 ppl each jsut pulled up everywhere and got out, big ass brawl about to start then a undercover cop siren went off and they all fucking scattered like hell like lmao they were gone in 1 second lolol, then about 10 cop cars showed up n shit and ppl got arrested was good entertainment hehe, all this happened about 10 feet from the line, my freind had his speakers and like was playing mortal combat when they all came to fight was awsome lol

anyways, i got halo 3 at about 12:03 i was about the 10th person in line then me and my freind got in his car blasting the halo theme full volume and sped next to the line and cops hehe, every1 cheered, then we went home and me and 3 of my freinds played campaign on heroic, we beat it at about 5:20, so it took around 5 hrs to beat

man i had alot of caffeeine last ngiht lmao
1 normal bottle of gamefuel, a bottle of diet pepsi and i also chugged 1 2-liter bottle of gamefuel, i was up a total of 25 hrs hehe

finish the fight!

yeah thats that new york street violence for ya

hehe, my freind recorded it, hopefully he got it to put it on youtube

heres a vid of the fight although my freind didnt get the part of the actualy fight or the part wherel ike 40 ppl showed up wich is gay as hell lolol

anyways im in it like 10 times im wearing a white shirt and grey hoodie and i get hit in the balls in the begining, i also scream in the camera like a crack head at 3:30 good times

wtf gay lol
me and my bro got at the mall at like 11:00 Pm waited payed for in advance and we got a number that said 38 so we're like k they'll call 38 and thats when we go and get it the people in line are morons for not knowing. giggle then my bros friend comes up to us and is like no thats just a random number. so we lost our place in line and now we were like 80th in line instead of like 70th k so when it hit midnight they handed them out like mad and we got it in 20 mins. kbye

i got mine within the first 4 mins

ya he basically covered it haha

I was forcefully removed from the premises, i was 3rd in line. It was a long line.. they told me to throw away my garbage ay 11:38. I run a 4.3 second 40 yard, i sprinted down a line of about 100 people and jumped and slammed a trashbag into a dumpster. They said i made a comotion and was a threat to the others. the mall security called the real cops on me and had them hold me outside the mall until my friends got their copies. I didnt get mine until 2 days afterwards.

It still felt cool slam dunking a trash bag after running full steam for about a quarter mile.

lol that would have been cool to play the COPS theme song during the speeu

as for forest gump . . .(That boy sure is a running fool). . . .