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Last Chaos Character Names

Satros - LordSatros
Kittie - Kityoko
Staticgirl - StaticGirl
ThuGG - ThuGG
Murderer- MurdererWar
Wicked - WickedVamp
Zaifos - Zaifos / Dahwhana
Feel it - HealingForYou
Havoc - Havvoc

Dahwhana? lol its Dayrahna btw

Damn just forget about me huh???

lol my character name is Arthex =]

looks like we got another triclone on our hands


yea explain lol

thugg means hes posting all over ranodmly sorta liek triclone did when he got 50 posts in 1 day

Lol indeed =]

o h yea i remember that

Well its been several days for me and im pretty close =]