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Killingfloor christmas, free weekend, and new weapons!

Title pretty much says all!

The KF christmas event is up + new map Ice Caves + New weapons + Free weekend coming up.

The new weapons include a Husk cannon for Firebug
Claymore ( sword ) for Berserker
M4 M203 ( M4 carbine with grenade launcher ) for Demolitions
M4 for Commando
MP5+healing dart for Medic
.44 Magnum(s) revolvers for Sharpshooter
Combat Shotgun ( semi automatic pump action +Flashlight ) for support

We should get together this weekend maybe and kill some floors.

Pic related, the Claymore is pretty brool. It's like a middle ground between the Axe and Katana, handles pretty awesomely.

Awesome, I'm down to live stream WaR playing in about a week (when my finals end).


Was playing earlier with my Bro.

Fucking M4 M203 is confirmed for god tier. Is hands down one of the better guns you can get. The only thing that sucks is that you can't change to semi automatic for the m4 itself, but the m203 is pretty awesome when shit get's congested.

the .44s are badass too, once you get one 'an each 'and, you can actually quick draw cowboy style and do cool flippidy doo da moves. The dual .44s also only way like 2lbs in game and are more powerful than the hand cannons.  So you can carry a lot of shit if you're using those. The .44s are like my new favourite side arm.

That feel when you got two gorefasts coming at you and you quick draw the .44s and blow both their heads off in one shot.

The Husk Cannon is pretty OP once fully charged. Seen a lv 5 Firebug take out a Fleshpounder in one hit with it.

The m4 is alright. It's just another option besides the AK47. It does less damage but it's more accurate and has a red dot sight.

Claymore is pretty devastating, I can kill scrakes with two power hits with it. It's just hard to do multiple ZED-times with it due to it being a little slower than the katana.

Haven't had a chance to try the combat shotgun and mp5 yet.

Def need to play this on break epic times

only new thing i like was the new medic gun and the .44, didnt use any other new shit, still easy bruh, also these fucking xmas skins, i cant tell where the actual head hitbox is on a couple of them

Even if the update wasn't amazing the game still is.

Are new weapons permanent btw? Or only for xmas event

i think they are there to stay

Zaifos wrote:
i think they are there to stay

Hopefully the skins go away soon im never going to be able to eat a gingerbread man as it is.

New weapons are permanent.

I gotta reinstall kf :\
After the update it decided to be all /fucked.

[quote author=-Wicked-[{WaR}] link=topic=3829.msg46030#msg46030 date=1323907846]
I gotta reinstall kf :\
After the update it decided to be all /fucked.

Yep and I'm not sure if reinstall works. Tell me if it does.