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just got warrock

wow badass game, shit i didnt know it was free


nice nice wait can my comp run this!
cecil is ur comp good or does it need 2 b for warrock?

warrock has like playstation 1 grahpics and physics

Satros wrote:
warrock has like playstation 1 grahpics and physics

Even if it would be true, who cares? It's fun and you yourself said that with {{WaR}} membas everygame is fun.

i was answering venoms question dumbass

and ok i lied, maybe it has early playstation 2 grahpics

i have something to add that ive said for a few years now. SAT ITS IN THE BETA VERSION THEY SAID ON WARROCK FORUMS THEY WOULD UPDATE THE GRAPHICS LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!! least i think they said that.

that makes no sense tho, usualy they dont put shit grahpics on and then put better ones on beta, usualy beta pertains to tweaking the coding to be fun

wowz my vid card culd NEVER DO do that

just deleted warrock. now im into knight online.

Looks cool.

too many hackers ghheeeey. other than that its fun though