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Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

you guys just have to test this gamé it's freaking awesome

It do pwns online

to give you a taste of how this shit looks :)
in single player


this is an online fragmovie made by the top staffer in the world :P


looks alright i think i played it once ill try downloading it

(and ill post a non torrent link when i do)

This game is awesome. I have it for the original xbox though. Does it work online?

id assume it does

I have this game too, yes you can play online and fag each other with plasma sword 'n rifles.

it's actually pretty fun.

Cecil wrote:
and fag each other

sounds like something Sadosi would take part in

Yes it works online and it's just aweeesom!!

but meny hours of grinding your saber skills b4 u can beat the ass out of some duellers :) but give it a gogo =)

I tried going online but don't see any servers.

Did you press "get new server list"

Its funner on single player :mellow:

lies multiplayer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
everything your jedi knight 2 and 3 needs :)

I have jedi knight academy for xbox i used to lan party with it with my friends but, i just mostly play halo 3 on xbox live now :P

lulz :P

This game kicks ass i can tell you, i used to have it :)

dl it : )

anyone know where to dl it for PC??


i'll pm u it on msn

I played the game almost till the end in single player. Dont have it anymore and i want it plz. Link broken :/ Nodoka, can you give it to me?