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Installing RO

download both of these files


Sakray part 1Sakray part 2
then downlaod:

kRO part 1kRO part 2kRO part 3

select both sakray(part 1 and 2) rar files, then hit extract, when it askes to over write hit yes

select all 3 ragnarok rar files (part 1, 2 and 3), then hit extract, when it askes to over write hit yes

once uve done this u will have 2 files Sakray and Ragnarok

then simply run them, the installer is in random letters , jsut ignore that nothing is wrong, hit buttons until it installs (lol)(if u need help with this part ask me)

once u run and install both of these files ragnarok will be installed.

hm so is ragnarok similar to rune?

no lol, its a mmorpg, pixel game, its fun tho to hangout n chill on, im making a server for it that will be up soon which is why i made this

ah ok then my comp could run
mehbeh. ill try soon.


made a RO private sevrer, hope any of u will join hehe, 100% free

a few things: Ro is a mmorpg, sprite style, has good effects, and not bad pvp system and is pretty fun, so join us noobs

some features:
-gvg over castles
-guild castles
-tons of maps, items, monsters and skills
-a ton of jobs/classes(blacksmith,knight,mage,merchant,preist,etc etc)
-very customizible
-ton of npcs
-player houses (maybe)
-ran by war (aka me w/ help from kittie)

how to join the server:

  1. Install Ragnarok Online [click here and follow what this thread says]
  2. download the data file + client here
    extract the folder(Data) and exe(WaRRO) from the rar file
    copy both the folder and the exe and paste them into C:/Program Files/Gravity/RO
    -copy the exe (WaRRO), right click on your desktop and his paste shortcut

  3. run the exe (click the shortcut), type in an account and pass as follows
    the first time you make your account u need to add a _F or _M to the end of ur account name
    example : Ragnar_M , for pass put wtv u want for female example : Valk_F
    after the first time you creat ur account u will no longer need the _F or _M, so you wuld login as Ragnar or Valk with wtv pass u decided the second time

  4. play.

[If u need help on any of these just ask me, ill be glad to help]

sshots of me and kittie being bored in a town:

satros clones ^^^

im soo pwnage oh yea in the last sshot THERE ARE ONLY 2 PPL THE OTHER 2 PPL THERE ARE MONSTERS

just 999 more hours guys.

Yeaah, those pixles make me wanna play so bad.. I'll see if i can hide this one from my dad

lol it only took me about a hr to download (about 30 mins for the first 3 parts, and 30 for the second 2, cus i cant download mroe than 3 at the same time)

lol venom its ok we can wait for it to finish we wont annoy you that much

soo whos planning on joining?

k ill dl it, but it might take a long time like 2 hours maybe


you guys still playing this? have played ro for a long time.. guess id give a try this time..

No we dont play anymore it was a long time ago