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Im getting CS:S

im getting counterstrike source, i need some clannys to play with me. mmk?

hahhahaha yayyyyyy :3 i love cs

i coulda swore you hated the game..

nah lol i love pc games

not you faggggggggg

ohhh dammmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Now Jedi, Murd, Satros, and ME have CS:S!
Bitches join up! Come kill motha fuckas in the name of WAR or at least make use of yourself as a meatshield!

nah i dont have it yet ill get it when my dad pays me for making a website cause ill be finsihed with it tommarow

ima get it too :3

do it brolaska

got it today, fucking sick, we all gottap lay some time nawmean? wick jedi