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How to Auto/Bot in Perfect World

With this bot your can train your character for hours without even being at your computer.

- Memory Addresses Customizer (See notes for CustomOffSets.ini)
- Multiple-skills configuration;
- Auto-Rest to Restore HP/MP;
- Auto-Pot for HP/MP;
- Auto-Pick Loot;
- Stop on Die (just stop the bot on death)
- Moblist Set to 10 different Monsters (if you think that you need more, tell me);
- Auto-Buffs;
- Fly to Escape Death Options;
- Potential Received Damage Display Between Hits;

1. Start PW-I
2. Open "ntKid[MHS-RETRIEVER]" and generate the memory offset (if vista run as administrator)
3. Open the bot, "MHS-Bot-PW 2.3 With Country Memory Customizer (Source Code)" Setup settings.
4. (read the instructions included for help)
5. Start!
Bring a couple extra weapons, so if yours breaks you can use the "Change Weapon" feature and dont die.
Bring health potions
Set auto pickup to 6-8
Go some where where theyre any many people around

If you like.


Good places to bot:

[NON-ARGGOs] - Non Aggressive Monsters
Mob: Lv 21 [Lake of Sky] (460 608) (Safe)
Mob: Lv 27 [Near Temple Orchid] (575 771) (Safe)
Mob: Lv 31 [N-E Mirror Lake Residence] (473 597) HexWolven Sharpshooter (Safe)
Mob: Lv 31 [N/a] (475 583) (Safe)
Mob: Lv 33 [North Orchis Scene Vally] (591 547) TigerStripe Araneidd(Safe)
Mob: Lv 35 [Orchis Scene Vally] (586 574) Killer Pismire's (Safe)
Mob: Lv 35 [Orchis Seren Village] (586 559) (Safe)
Mob: Lv 40 [South City of Vanished] (241 617) Cloudthrust Vipent Form (In the Air) (Safe)
Mod: Lv 50 [Just above bamboo village] (365 359) Nigonrator SoarVpent Safe
Mob: Lv 60 [City of Vanished] (253 677) ExtremityTerra EidoFoxie (Safe) (at other places, they are arggo)

[ARGGOs] - Aggressive Monsters
Mob: Lv 34 [Orchis Sentry Vally East] (587 522) Scarletnob NA
Mob: Lv 40 [Shining Tide Woods] (624 818) EtherTransverse Pterodactyl(In The Air) NA
Mob: Lv 42 [Mount Burhan] (385 802) Stargazer Wild Wolven NA
Mob: Lv 44 [SW of Gutter of Sky] (300 903) Hetemorph Diplopod NA
Mob: Lv 44 [Camp of Sumor] (305 857) Hetemorph Maneating Floacus NA
Mob: LV 52 [SE Ancient King Hill] (420 420) BarBarian Beserker (NA)
Mob: LV 63 [Ridge of Dreaming Cloud] (570 299) BlackThorn Assassin Tiger (NA)
Mob: Lv 72 [Outside of Lost Village] (642 484) (N/A)