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hey look at this cool game i found

hehe this game is pretty cool maybe we could start a war division on here its called uhh eudemon i thinkits kinda like conquer online but u get these little demonthings that protect you and its ownage check it out at

i see the game.. mmh
a lot of ppl from japon

hm u need good comp? 2 play itz?

OS Windows98(SE),Windows2000,WindowsXP
Graphics card Directx3D(TNT2M64 16M or above)
Voice Card DirectSound or 100% compatible
I/O Keyboard,Mouse
Harddisk 2.0 GB available HD space
Internet connection Modem above 56K,ADSL, or CableModem

so.. no ven u cant

anyways look alright i may try it or i may stick to beign a tranvestite in ro..ermm..what?

anyways have u played yet thugg?

oh yeah i played it its pretty easy when ya get used to it im already lvl 24 so im ownage well if you got any questions about it you know where to find me (back allies of new york sellin dope)

hey hey hye wait!!
i might b albe 2 cPu 800 mhz? thats the only thing
im only off by 400 ^^

mmh, in my pc should work, but i wont play lol , u dont invited me anyway

well ur invite now!

haha, ty ^^ but , before play this game u should see anothers, i think Mu Online is better, and Lineage2 too , but Lineage2 need a good computer i usually plays it in the cyber ..
well see you

ah ya my comp sux

yee, you told me,
but is better because you just play rune
my sucks too , and i can buy things 4 it but i wont, because i want play just rune ,, and if i buy something im sure that i will play anothers games too , so .. just msn and rune

wooooooooooot , i need 30 post more!

hehe keep up the good work feel it, also dont be afriad to get in on the general chat section thats where the most posts are made