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Hello again, my hacka beotchs, im back in da house, dats me i0n

post in general discussion gawd.

such hate d12, yo ion welcome to the forums, i dont think ive heard heard or played with you b4, but enjoy your stay

omg ion SUP hes an original war memeber ven

GEEEZE vemon you fucking retard.

HOLY CRAP ION!!! HEY MAN, where the fuck u been dude and how did u even find this place?? anyways good to hear your still alive, how are things?

hey ion if you ever come back to this here forum, zai won the skin challenge

Smexy avatar ya got Ion

Holy shit! Didn't notice this thread before iOn! OMG OMG! HI!

sup all last week i had a problem looking left and right on DMA ? but worked fine on other servers. . . .what up with that . . .!! but works now lol

who are you?