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Halo vids

funny halo vid.. weel its not so funny at some parts but it kinda reminded me of war clan back i nthe good ole halo days
post other cool halo vids on this thread

1 - Halo2 on xbl = greatest horror ever! HMV!
2 - Beverly hillz! HMV!
3 - Guildwars music video - Weird al. (Not halo but good.)
4 - Headstrong - HMV. (Begining sucks imo.)
5 - Tribute to the once luckiest ship in the universe! HMV!
6 - Budwizer. WASSSSSSAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! (Supidly funny.)
7 - Mentos, the fresh-maker! (LOL!)
8 - Needler gun! (Christina agulara as an elite! ROFL!) HMV!
9 - Puddle of mud - Blurry. HMV! (This one is my fav. <3)
10 - The Platoon.
Prt1. -
Prt2. -
11 - Spit - yoyo - mafia! HMV!
12 - MTV Cribz: Lockout halo2 edition.
13 - Blow boys away! (Double you tee eff.) HMV!
14 - Biohazard (Resident Halo. Its cool.)
15 - APC SONG! (Not halo but cool.)
16 - Taliban hunting! Halo2.
Thats all for now folks! More later I guess Maybe

nice list brotha

1st - mad funny
2nd-nirvana = ow3nd
mentos teh freshmaker! classic
needler hilarious hahah

all good vids nice

lol! Needlergun your so wonderfullllll xD
For those of you who have no clue about RvB (Red vs blue.) Shoot yourselves. But if you'd like a second chance. Click this link now.
-=!!- R v B -!!=- Jk. Don't really go shoot yourself Cuz we don't have many members as it is.

I'm a gangster! I'm a straight up G!! Gangster rap. HMV.

yeah rvb is good n that gangster 1 was ugfnny hehe

that gangsta rap video was.oddbut yea rvb is great and i liked the rap 1 too but rvb is always the best!!

LOL! Rvb pwns.
Clan hollywood halo make some good videos. :|


you guys are obsessed with youtube videos eh?

omgg theres this video on there (i'd post the link but i dont where to find itand im lazylol) of this little baby monkey, sitting with a blanket or sometihng, its soooooooooo cuttee omggg!! thats the best video evar. oooh and the pancake one. lmao that one is soo pro. XD (wicky i showed you that one.)
oh..well im not THAT lazy. there u go. watch the guy make pancakes. to MUSIC.

lmao me an caity watched it like 10 times in a row a couple weeks ago. we dont have lives

i love how the little pancake winks at the end. loool its so cute.

heres a video too!! i feel left out
omg this 1 crazy and stupid
dont ask


Kittie Vs Kittara

I could see it now
Kittie trying to play those pattycake games that girls play with kittara then suddely just getting pounced on.
Thats so perfect

.i found another dont ask about this 1 either this one is just kinda.weird
its semi-related to my last one its got cats.

hey where did u get that recording of kittie dancing at the stripclub?? lol

lies, that jsut made me realize how gay hunters look lol

Dood. Don't call a hunter gay. It'd smash your skull if it was here right now. fred! His mommy dropped him on his head!

My new fav.
^ that is funny as hell btw.

My new fav.
^ that is funny as hell btw.