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this game is fucking funn!!!! i played last night, i cant wait till it comes out, its amazing!, very evenly ballanced weapons too

you make me so jealous dude

bleh, i dont have crackdown, but i have it reserved =)

the new disks of crackdown dont hav the halo3 beta abe to download on it, i think, well u better gte it fats if it does cuz teh beta ends june 10th

really? i got crackdown liek 2 weeks ago had the beta and all.

yeah some have it, only a few do nwo tho

beta ends in 5 days anyways


Out of all the ARG that microsoft has done the Halo 3 ARG is the best.

timerSociety of the AncientsThe Cradle of Lifeand an explanation

woah thats cool, thx for sharing

i have it for pc omg its awesome for sure i havfe all three on puter and i think the third one is the charm for sure

um, killer.

halo 2 like, just came out on pc.

and 3 isnt even out yet =p

and when it is its only gunna be on the 360

and it probly wont move to comp for another 2 years or so(like they did with the first 2)

the demo is out though if im not mistaken

killergiant wrote:
the demo is out though if im not mistaken

The beta was out for a while but it's gone now and I r sad. :'(

  • handing a tissue to jedi* get it when it comes out

Blows nose in tissue I will but it's so far awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.