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Halo 3 Beta registration today!

It's supposed to open up today (Dec. 4th), though it hasn't yet as of 12:10
Register, and sometime in January/February you'll be able to download/get sent a disc of Halo 3 and play the beta. Let's see if we can't become a Halo 3 clan before Halo 3 comes out. Again:

still not working as of 1:20

ugh as soon as i get home.

still not up

3:07 pm est

anyways thx for posting this, lets get to it! i mean i doubt any of us will actualyl get in it, it has the most fanbase/anticipation of msot gmaes but it wuld be cool if 1 of us got it

[ps: so this is what u did today when not at school huh, sat around waiting for the halo 3 thing to open lmao]

hmm im checking right now the page has been going for an hour but i think its almost done !??!$#)&% ugh it wants me to download flashplayer i cant download anything on linux stop mocking me!


Oh, and it will open up around 9PM EST tonight, or so. A Halo 3 commercial will be playing tonight on ESPN during the Philly vs. Someone game that starts at 8:30, and the site will activate after the commercial shows.

K ill's looks at its

loser >.>

lol umfs