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Games your excited for?

Right now theres fucking NO good games out right now, people just play old games like COD4, but theyre's some games comming out soon that should be good. What ones are you excited for?

Personally im excited for

GuildWars 2


Starcraft 2

what games do you want to play?

Diablo 3

Starcraft 2
and if i had a ps3 or xbox 360

I am alive

Im still waiting to play duke nukem forever.

i am alive? i dont get it theres like bros who want water + poor building/road structural integratiy?

its a survival game (something new besides like the cliche fighting/shooting game), where u gotta survive all these disasters and stuff

i guess thats cool, not sure about it though

still waiting for final fantasy XIII when it comes out then im gunna buy a 360 or ps3

360 pl0x

Im still waiting for RUNE 2

Cecil wrote:
Im still waiting for RUNE 2

you and everyone else lol

omfg diablo 3 yay, and the new halo 3 ODST game ofc ~

im waiting for Brutal War, and Darkriders, also Guitar hero 5 and Elder scrolls 5

all released d3 trailers








D3 FTW!! thats just gunna be my life when i get it

lets wait till 2049 until they realease it or ??

Cant wait for Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, God of War 3 and Killzone 2 lol, been wanting to play them for so long, killzone 2 is out but i havnt baught it yet :P


Recently announced in a survey by sony, who knows when its comming out, but i hope its out within the next two years

Im excited for this next generation of classics.

Games, unlike movies, tend to get better when a sequel to a well respected game is made

1st Game: Classic, but bad graphics/not enough features
2nd Game: Builds on the classic, with better graphics and more features
3rd Game+: Better graphics, too many features, kinda boring

So im really excited for Guildwars2 Starcraft2 and Planetside2

RUNE 2 Bitches. Or if i make it good in the vidya game industry, FINAL LEGEND bitches.

Cecil wrote:
RUNE 2 Bitches. Or if i make it good in the vidya game industry, FINAL LEGEND bitches.

well, i never think that they will ever re think of making rune 2.
i mean come on face it rune, is dead. its about 100 people in hov and 50 in 1.00 i seen no point in playing it
well i have my reasons

but a game eeeuhm ?

Still diablo 3 but im so fucked up since they made the attributes auto :S

God of War 3
GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony