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Gamer Sig Cards

heres a gamer card thing for ur sig, jsut put in ur name,put pluses for spaces





Now to, you know, play sometime.

nic nice

wait wut!
i put in sig ??/

i fixed urs for u

k ty's

damnit i suck att this SAT! i cant get urs on lol

wtf why u want my sig in there?? lololl

anyways jsut up ![]( tags aroudn eahc link



no not ur sig!! gamer card thingy
does it update or stay teh same?

its update, and card is wut i meant, this really isnt that hard man, u jsut put ![]( around the link)

lol i did taht! i think..

k i got it

dude that sig is way to long..change it please

UPDATE: fixed to be less annoying

lol urs used to be just as LONG!
but i fixed it