red ring of death = sadness.

k maybe not idk lol i just played a hour of halo 3, but GH freezes i feel like?

360 = shitty hardware

bPORR wrote:
360 = shitty hardware

PS3fag ^

and how is it shitty? i have had mine since the initial release of the 360 (nov 2005) and have had no problems, i think i was getting problems earlier cause we just have a mess of wires laying over the heater n shit


ok lol 16.4% console failure for 360 vs less than 3% for wii and ps3. One out of every 6 has hardware failure lulz

no one has a ps3 for them to break

and it turns out i just fucked up my hard drive is all, i can play with out one fine, i just need to get a new one


nvm idk whats up, but sometimes it works lol, sometimes it doesnt?

its stressed causes its in college

anyways im gunna go to college in the woods dorms now and talk loudly about how much i hate it and prolly start fights with fucking hookah kids (FUCKING C-I-W HOOKAH KIDS!)

Hookah kids? Tell me more, pleax.

lots of kids here smoke from hookahs outside, the ones at the college-in-the-woods dorms are fags but the ones that live in my dorms (newing) are cool


What the fuck?

lmao its like the place by the cubby hole hahahah and like Caroline Easton is sitting in the woods goin "can I has a hookah plox"



Yep I figured just as much

You'll go to a pep rally or somthing and fucking chant that

new ing! new ing! ra ra ra!


why would i go to a pep rally and shout my dorm's name? we dont even have a football team

wha.. What?!

Awe man..

You guys need to hold massive raves then.. minus the drugs.

there are rave parties here all teh time , i might be going to one saturdayy. plus my room is blacklight heaven

uuuuugh i hate youuuuuuuuuuu