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we should have sum events think soem up

well ill be off awhile. cuz im doing well in everyclass, but im failing to electives.. CAD and cooking hehe but once i straighten this shit out. ill be back on.

lol we could go on a pvp server and wait outside the castle and rape anyone that steps out lmao

i got 2 more ideas too

we run aorund in a group of about 8 or more, one of us will have 50 jaguars on us, then we will run aroudn tellin noobs to "join or die" lol

another is to take off all our armor and go streaking lmao, u know follow one guy/girl around till he/she freaks out lol

uhh forget the wait for people to step out of the city planthe strong folks hang around there me and wick got owned pretty bad there

theres a vid contest for 15k ariel or wtv points (150 bux worth), so far ive looked at the competetion and its sad, ive only seen 1 or 2 good entries, the rest seem like 10 yr olds made them, so yeah we could win

has to be done by the 30th tho, so we need to get started sum time

heres my idea, we start with it super epic, epic music etc, it will show war clan preparing and walking gangster style, then we get to the bridge and a titan on the other side taunts us[music stops], then we all charge and either

1.we all get killed by the titan

2.the tita runs over a hill, and then a second later comes back with 10000 panthers with him, then we all get burtally slaughtered