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EarthDefenseForce 2017

doods this game is soooooo fucking AMAZING!!!!!
i rented at blockbuster and it just starts off with lek 100000 aliens runnig at u crawling on sky scrapers.It s a totally interactive world, blow up w/e the fuck you want. And so many weps varying for huge ass rockets,snipers, firfecrackres, assualt rifles, shotguns. and so much more. With futurisitc vehiicles like this hugeass mech thing that fires flamethrower this bigass lazer and these rockets, and fly around and shit. I was playin coop wit mah friend so fucking good. and this is just single player, im not sure if multiplayer is killing eachother or coop story. either would pwn. rent this game buy it just do it.


lol. i just looked on ign and it got a 7 saying its not a very good video but its so addictin u want more. the framerate drops when the aliens spew thier acid. BS i just plyaed and everything was fine,but w/e im still gettin.

hey venom vote for me on cov forums

this game looks really bad so i think ill get it



yaa its ganksta.
but its weird it says that it got a 7 lol in rating it says repetitve,which it could be., no online, and the framerate drops when aliens spew acid lol. i dind't notice any of this cept the online. maybe ill get maybe not, ehhe, but since no online we cant pwn together so.. meh.

oh and i did vote for u lol
but DAMN that mac

oh hey you guys should get lost planet thats a really cool game my friend has it and earth defence looks kinda gaysry ven

dood lost planet sux bawlz.
every1 thought it'd be good but it was a big letdown to every reviewer and every person i know who has it.

ohwell i just watched him play it for like 5 mins so i couldt really tell

i still love you thugg.

from sat pic it doesn't look that bad at all i think i will buy it