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Dungeons and Dragons Online

So, i was on /v/ earlier and a thread came up about DDO ( D&D online )

Said it was free, then i backed my head away from the monitor and put my spectacles on and said this is relevant to my interests.

So, im downloading it and am 20 mins away from being finsihed dling.

I'll let you guys know if it's any good.

If you wanna join up with me, my name on there will be Cezull, and on the Cannith world ( with the rest of the /v/ikings)

Yeah it's pretty good. As a warrior the fighting mechanics are kinda similar to rune, only that hits are based on dice rolls. But don't worry, it's not turn based, game automatically rolls dice for you and shit.

a lot of it is free, the monk class and drow and warforged races aren't free however.

But i heard you can earn cash shop credit just by doing quests, and the whole cash shop thing isn't game breaking like in saycombat arms or mabinogi.

It's pretty fuckin' cool, raid dungeons and go outside 'o town and fight big munsters inna woods, and looking forward to POLAYING with yew guys.  :jamieh:

pssh we just need to make a war game already :P that is much like rune but a mmo or something in UDK(unreal 3)

Well, I've always had plans of making Final Legend kind of like an MMORPG.

But my plans for it's combat as a game would be very similar to rune, yet very tactical.

An example is, there are no defense ratings and shit. a breastplate would literally protect what it covers.

but there'd be a shitload of weapons and many ways to use them.
An example of this would be a Bastard Sword. left clicking does all the business work witht he slashing and all. right click would put you into a defensive stance. pressing mouse 3 would change your technique, from one handed, to two handed and halfswording.

Now my plans for the multiplayer are gonna be really god damn cool.

Kinda like how in GTA:SA you could take over territories, my plans for FL is similar but with more sense added to it. IE there's a real good reason to fight over territories, some areas will have tradeposts that neutral players will visit and buy shit, and a percentage of the florins would go to the guild owning that territory.

Oh yeah, the currency they use in FL is called Florins. Basically really decorative gold coins.

There are alot of guilds, each representing a country in the game. After the events of FL's single player campaign, alot of countries were decimated by the demonic invasion, and are trying to rebuild. Some countries saw this is a brilliant time to strike..
Basically the multplayer plot would be filled with political turmoil and backstabbery.

Not to mention all the many events i have planned. There will be plague outbreaks, zombie outbreaks, demonic invasions and the like.

It's also meant to be played from first person perspective.

So i think making it the first of it's kind ( a first person mmorpg taking place in a fantasy renaissance world)

Now where's the RPG come in? In the MP, i plan for you to be able to build your own character. You can choose his/her job, which will define their beginning skills.
Do you want to be a pikeman and be skilled with heavy armors, spears, and shortswords?
Or perhaps a musketeer? and be able to load that antique rifle faster and shoot more accurately?

Some of the skills wont level up by using, sometime's you'll have to go to one of the many universities wth whatever some of florins they're asking and they'll teach you up to the next proficiency.

TL;DR I plan Final Legend to be somewhat of a realistic renaissance simulator, but not too realistic to make people rage quit.
As far as game engine goes, i was thinking a really modified HL2 engine or something.