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Dat Wii U

Personally I'm much more excited about this than I was with the Wii. HD graphics (equivalent to PC directx9 technology while 360/PS3 are still in the dx7-8 days), a more traditional controller (I wasn't a fan of the Wii mote), and they've announced that there will be a new Super Smash Bros. and "realistic" Zelda game for the console. Of course, I'm sure there will be some fun Mario games and a badass photorealistic Metroid game. :3

Nintendo's plan with this console is to hang onto casuals they won over with the Wii, but also to win back their older hardcore gamers.

Love this movie


Its gonna be okay i guess i mean to me graphics dont make a game any better honestly, i dont wanna play a video game just because it looks reali play video games to escape reality lol.

Well, it's also Nintendo and their own games are always fun as hell. So if they're also making them look a lot better it's just more improvement, as far as I'm concerned. I don't care about it much either, but if they decide they're going to rape Sony and Microsoft in terms of sheer technical capability then it only puts them back in the place of unquestionable console gaming dominance. :3

I dunno i just feel that certain games get worse as their graphics get better especially with the super smash bros series.and then on the xbox i hated all the halos after halo 1it just seems like they spend too much time trying to make the game look amazing that they forget about what actually made it amazing.

I just want a game that has a normal fucking controller and where gay gimmicks are optional

But Halo has never been good.

Also Metroid Prime and Twilight Princess were huge improvements graphically as well as in other areas and they're better than most other games in their respective series.