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Am I the only one who still plays console games? Specifically Xbox One?

I need more people to play Destiny with! :(

-Lonely Xbox Gamer (Epic Gnar)

I only know that Zaifos and jioji play PS4 sometimes

I get on the Xbox One one occasion though I prefer the PC. Destiny was an okay game but I didn't get too far into it because it seemed very lackluster without friends.

Yeah Destiny is definitely a game that is much better when played with friends. If you ever want to give it another go let me know! I play pretty regularly and I'd be happy to carry you through some of the new stuff. They just released a new expansion that totally changed the whole game for the better. One of those changes being that all new content updates will be free.

If anyone ever stumbles across this thread and wants to play add me. My gamertag is Epic Gnar :p