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Clan on BF2142

We should make a WaR clan on BF2142 me and matt already use our tags inside severs and people have been asking me if they can join but we dont have no clan on there so i was wondering if we could start one on there.

sure man, you can start one if u want,

you can recruit anyone, however to be considered truely part of the clan they would have to come here and make 50 posts etc, otherwise they can jsut be partial members, it doesnt matter if they try to be full members or not, im just giving u permission to use and distribute the war name to anyone u want in BF2142, i can make a forum for it if u like

ok ill start look for other people to join but ill put that in the description on the server but i goota wait till i get my new computerbcuz dis ones crappythank sat u got way mor luv 4 that

np man! hail war!

OK me and matt are gonna start it sometime this week

cool man, nice sigs hehe, good luck

also tell matt to stop by sum time, we miss him


damn at least he can use the 1% of his life when he's sober to come visit but nOOOO. the goats already claimed him because of the whole he/she thign.

lmao now i really need to get my home pc fixed i love bf1942