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Chron X

Hey guys, i just figured id let you all know about a cardgame called Chron X Its the very 1st online cardgame ever made, dispite its age its really quiet good in my opinion and i do enjoy playing it :).

The information in this sourcebook is current to the time at the end of Whiteout and the start of Breakpoint. It will be updated with more information in the near future.

The year is 2096. There are 27 billion people alive on Earth, and each month fifty million more are born. Border disputes erupt into chronic wars; refugees from changing climates circle the globe; disease and starvation spread and refuse to disappear. Rich governments, rich corporations, rich people have all turn inward, building up their own slice of the world while keeping the rest out. Eventually, even they will begin to fight over resources and room. It is only a matter of time before a local conflict goes too far and nuclear fires cleanse the world.

But there is a sort of hope. One day, a starship will be built, and the new worlds that it reaches will be the salvation of humanity. Someday, star travel will arrive, but it is anyone's guess whether it will arrive in time. Meanwhile humanity survives, plummeting into the future, not knowing whether to prepare for star flight or extinction, knowing only that, one way or the other, this Dark Age will end soon. Welcome to the Chron X universe!

For a little more info, this event split the powers of the world into 5 Domains
FUS (Former United States)
UN (United Nations)
Corprate (The Corprate powers of the world left after the war)
NoNames (Mainly made up of Refugee's  not very skilled but very massive in numbers)
Monastery (Mostly made up of people obsessed with anatomy and science, they twist the human body into wierd abominations, cyborgs and also craft war machines and other such Twisted technolog, they are also known to create cults and other such things).

Chron X is completely free to start now, the download the account and account registration is free now, it also comes with 1 starter deck, which actually arnt that bad, back when i started however it costed 10$  :P. Chron X used to be full of players but nowadays its player base has lowered a bit. But Chron X holds Weekly Tournaments every Wednsday and Sunday at 19:00 server time, thats about  7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

You can find the link to Chron X here, I hope to see some of you on sometime :), And if you stick around long enough you might get to try Chron X 2, which is currently in production

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