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It might be a little early to talk about it and I am going to be out of town from the 15th to the 23rd of December, but what shit are we planning to play for the WaR Chrimbus event?

IDK man. Most likely some Rune, Mount And Blade, Chivalry

Maybe Wizardry, possibly invade some server on Minecraft.. Options are pretty much open.

Warmas all day everyday during the holiday somenights for a few hrs

but I will have to see cause I won't be home, ill have my laptop but it runs linux so lol
I'll pretty much be gone that whole week, but ill figure something out.

Def KF,

Wizardry maybe (even if we just see how long we can go on a killing rampage)

I'm down 2 chivalry

also UT2k4 instagib quick snipes (party like its 2004 wooo)

meow :3