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Best games i know .

mm , for me the best pc games are , warcraft 3 .. cs of course call of duty 2 .. runee =P , and lineage2
do you know anyone of them? i think u should know all of them, they?re really good..

sorry about my english

hmmm rune is good.. cant think of any other right now.. maybe planetside

rune is the only thing i can run so

just got new comp got my hopes up then BAM . cant do shit on it, it suxxors.

rofl .. bad luck

ima black ninja
the gods are all like wtf u cant have black ninja only ASIAN and asian are like technology h4x. so they basically screwed meh over 2 TIME SON!

my pc is shit too but to play good games i go to a cyber ^^ , in my house i can play rune , and 2 o 3 games more, but i prefer play rune =) , someday i will have 150 ping and i will beat u all!

jack up ur ram and itll do wonders im workin towards a new vid card atm


hm i use to play cs and hm ive never heard of rune =P xD

Warcraft 3 is good but StarCraft is better