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Battlefield [ 2142 ]

Okay, so I got this game BATTLEFIELD2142. and like you guys should get it.
Its totally great I pwn so many newbs at it I started at the bottom of the food chain though

Recruit > Private > Private 1st class > Gunner silver > Gunner gold > Corporal Silver > Corporal Gold > Lance Corporal Silver > Lance Corporal Gold > Master Corporal Silver > Master Corporal Gold > Sergeant Silver > Sergeant Gold > Master Sergeant Silver > Master Sergeant Gold > ? ? ? ?

Thats a lot of ranks I have gained And I've only spent about 34 hours maybe less in the game.
I have collected lots of dog tags off my enemies with a knife. Once you've killed 15 - 20 enemies with your knife it upgrades to a special cool knife with a little tag on the handle. Its so cool. I've gotten it already.

Though I know most of you guys can't play it cause your CPU isn't good enuff.
It would be cool if atleast ONE war member could Besides me that is. xD
Then I can scare the shit out of you with a jet thing. I drive like an idiot. LOL I dont understand my fly controls.

ill try wick ill try lol

yea i bot 2142 last week Expt i Got Good CPU N Graphics card sense my Friends Builds Computers gives me parts Yea Stuff is hard to Fly you Would of had to of played battle Field 2 to learn the Controls of Flying i can Fly every thing good tho

Add me to ingame friendslist.

2142 PWNS!!! Best part is on a titan game when you load up one of the planes and land on the back of the other titan and destroy them from the inside! Graphics aren't the greatest though.

lmao i got battlefield 2 rofl get that for sure its kickass for sure


wtf? do i gotta start deletin bots again?