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assassian's creed?

How is it? and can you play it on live?

It's a good game and all but it's short. There isn't any replay value. It's a rent. I bought it when it came out and sold it today and got Mass Effect.

ahh thanks for saving me like 40 bucks

About sixty more like it.
New release. lol I just got it lastnight around midnight, something tells me I am close to the end already it has only been roughly four hours of play. haha, to bad you can't set the difficulty up. I agree with Jedi I guess. Rent it don't buy it
I'll be returning it like "yeah wrong game system gimme my money back."
Then walking ten minutes away to get COD4.

yea, its a great game, but an extremely short one. I havent had time to play it recently, so i got screwed, dont make the same mistake + just rent it (like everyone else said)