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so yeah i love xbox arcade, i play the arcade games more than my normal games so im here to tell ya what games pwn, n which dontt

The Best:
heres my list of Arcade Games and what i rate them
5*Bomberman LIVE (awsome, good multiplayer battling and customization)
Heavy Weapon (very fun, especialy with coop)
Aegis Wing(free) (very fun, good with coop plus its free)
5*Small Arms (also fun, super smash bros style fighting cept with guns n shit)
Hexic HD (good puzzle game if u get into it
4*Hexic 2 (if u like hexic ull like hexic 2)
Feeding Frenzy (pretty fun will keep u entertianed for a few hrs)
4*Geometry Wars: Evolved (fun although wont keep u entertained for long periods of time, how ever its fun if u wanna play a quick game while ur waiting for sumthing)
Contra (old school, kinda hardd, coop tho)
LUMINES LIVE! (like a weird tetris, not too good)
Wing Commander Arena (SUX SUX SUX, dont get fooled by graphics)

games i didnt buy but still tried:
4*Alien Hominid HD (alright but i suck at it, plays sorta like metal slug games)
Bejeweled 2 (alright,puzzle game but not as good as hexic)
2Space Giraffe (doesnt even make sense..altho it might be cool on shrooms)
Centipede & Millipede (old school, but wont keep u entertained for more than 5 mins)
2**Bankshot Billards 2 (not fun..)

many of the games that are 4 or 5 u may want to consider hehe, there must haves if u like the arcade

ALIEN hominid is the easiest game ever lmfao u suck

yeah i do suck at it lolol

its ok i suck at Aegis Wing lmao


ur like

YE FORM UP! and everyone is like WOAH OK NEAT!1111111111212312 and ur like YE!!!! runs all 4 of us into an astriod

bomberman one of the greatest classic games invented

Alien Hominid is fucking awesome!!! NG Represent!!! And Venom Alien Hominid

ooh kthx

wtf this is so much harder than the 360 version lol , but i still rape

ThuGG wrote:
bomberman one of the greatest classic games invented

ye i downloaded this Bomberman LIVE game yesterday, was awsome, looks like the the old N64 version (cept alittle better grahpics)multiplayer is a bit different but its pretty sick, i love bomberman

also wtf how are u guys good at alien hominid, i suck ass at it lololol, cant beat the first levelima give it 4 stars tho since u guys are obviously better at it and say its fun, also cus its basically like Metal slug, one of my fav games

lol wow sat ur terrible just duck all the time to dodge shots and when they shoot low.. jump.
and for the boss just stay on the mini roof charge your gun by holding X? ye xthen dcuk and shoot. ten he does again the opposite side then jump down throw grenades or keep holding X to charge gun and shoot him on ground as he does air blast then low blast just jump up on mini roof again. then repeat..