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APB ( All Points Bulletin )

So my bro and I have been playing this a lot recently, it's pretty god damn fun. It's basically multiplayer  PVP oriented GTA, there are two teams, Enforcers and Criminals.  I'd say it's good fun playing as criminals, so far Wulf and I have been stealing large vans, backing them into store fronts and stealing the televisions/jewelry that come out and loading them into the van and fecning the goods over for DOSH. If you guys are interested join us on the Colby NA ( North America ) server!

You can get APB from Gamer's First ( it's free )

This game is like all wick plays lol. I'm kind of disappointed with it though, it had so much hype, they built a giant open world then put a shit ton of restrictions all over it.

Yeah there isn't much to do once you hit Rank 45 or so, besides unlock new clothes and weapons. Game is still in beta though so hopefully they'll flesh out the game more and add more shit to do.