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Aegis Wing Night

yo u guys wanna have a AW night? its this arcade game, its free to downlaod its fun and is the msot fun with coop. we should all play one night (hows friday?) and get all the achievements / beat it, cus im bored of playign with pp li dont know

or maybe tongiht if u gusy read this, tomamrow i can do to, but probly not and nto until LATE

tongith around 10:30 or earlier, be there? perhaps? if u get this message?

I'll play tonight if anyone else is on.

yep i was there.

oh i got my days all messed up lol, but yeah i can play tonight, venom you cant come. you fly like an asshole. lol jk

what its true lol. my lives go from like 4 to 0 in a millisecond

and you have other ppl attach to you and then fly them into meteors.. ass lol