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1.08 Redirection

Many people have 1.08, but few servers take advantage of the redirected downloads, redirected downloads is a great feature that allows you to upload files to a website and for people to download them and install them off the website in game, this helps many things such server lag from downloaders, it also makes other people who have 1.08 download almsot 10x the normal rate because 1. the files are compressed into zips and 2. because the files are on a highspeed webserver and people dont have to downlaod off a home pc or a server

step by step:

heres an example on how to load a skin/mod/weapon etc

  1. open up ur rune.ini

  2. find this

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900
'ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900
'ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27500

these are your custom sevrer packages (skinexample,modexample,weaponexample), these can be replaced with any package name that you want on your server

find this in your rune.ini


now we will edit downloadURLs and overridepackagelist according to our serverpackages


overridepackages are whatever your custom serverpackages are above, they are also casesensitive, so if i put SKINexample instead of skinexample the redirection will not work!

DownloadURLs is the directory where you are uploading the file to, for instance if your downloadurls is, the server packages will be found at

  1. the next step is to upload the server packages,
    we need to create a .zip file for each serverpackage

rightclick and create a new zip file, rember .rar files will not work, only .zip

name the zipfile thesame as the serverpackage, such as skinexample, do not name it skinEXAMPLE etc, make sure it matches the override and serverpackages

take all of the files needed for the serverpackage and place them into the zip file, make sure there is no subfolders!, the files should be located at for example, the files should not be located in subfiles like

a skin usualy has a .u file and maybe .utx, so inside the zip file there should be

repeat step 4 for each server package

  1. next upload it to whereever you specified in step 3, once you upload it run ur server and it should work! congrats

wow satros i will have to look into this for when i start my own server for sure thnx man