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Srsly who would win?!

  • Sephiroth (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Cloud (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Sora (9.091%, 1 Votes)
  • Chuck Norris (27.27%, 3 Votes)
  • MurD's mom (63.64%, 7 Votes)
Number of votes: 11

Zomg epic poll question!

def murds mom


ty Jedi for making this poll!I say sora,kingdom hearts is my favorite gaming series and sora kicks ass.

lol GAY jk heeh ya i played both and beat them like 50 billion times. i got to like the last bar on sephiorth in khII but then iw as like DED. but i was only lvl 46 so mehh.. i choose murds mom yamean?
oh ya and my ps2 exploded k, but ps2 is way better than ps3. ps3's a piece of shit i played for like 2 mins and iw as lek GAY. i tried that internet browser thing and my friend has amazing internet and he had it Ethernet connection wit his ps3 and was so fucking slow and resistance sux. just another fps nothing special motion sensor doesn't work i go right he goes up?!?? kk , but good thing they have some good games on their way Devil may cry 4 ftw its on 360 too so bye.

fu,ps3 fucking rox,resistance fucking rox,i beat it 3 times,and its ognna have kingdom hearts 3,call of duty 4,guitar hero's new game rock band,which will have guitar,drums,and mic controllers,and others,and btw online is fucking fun,especially with Fight Night round 3,so yeah ps3 is awesome.

all of those cept resistance are on 360 and they are better on 360. resistance is a good game if you've never played a fps b4. or you rarely play them. if not then itsj ust more of the same ur asian and so is sony i dont expect u to not be a ps3 even though al of them are rong adn wont admit it kbye.


what do you own feel it?

my mom

i dont think Kingdom Hearts 3 is ognna be on 360 is it?

If it is I'll shit bricks and build a house.


shotty not living in the shit covered brick house

for the record KH series is lametarded

k its not comin to 360 i dont think. ill live in ur house jedi
but prob ps3 or most def ps2. if only ps3 then ew