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Zody might do Jail time. Shit!!

Yeah ppl i might be doing a lil jail time fuckin like 4 weeks ago i got a ticket for possesion under and ounce of weed then godamn last night me and my home girl got pulld from my car and kicked to he ground then comes the annoying handcuffes(man those shits hurt) but n e ways we got arrested but let go free cuase we didnt have shit on us but the wonderful smell so yeah i got another ticket not as bad as the first one but im pretty sure i might be heading to Satros netherland ranch for punishment the jail. but if everything goes fine ill be just back at doing what i do best ..NOT smoking of course im quiting starting today so yeah im back to being superman since my kryptonite's gone.

Awww for real see i told u to quit that stuff is gonna mess u up in the future. but zody's fixin to get own in the jail showers better hope sats not behind u waiting for the soap to deploy from your hands to the floor

pssh everyone says there quitting but they never do , actually do it man lol

and yeah watch out for large men in the showers, especailly if u see people with [RUA] tatts named Bruno, Bruce or Buck (especaily buck, hes there to fuck)

(inside joke of when we fake nick on rune to annoy reys and noobs)

Sorry to hear that man. Just eat all the free food you can get, and never ever bend down for the soap. Just go steal someone else's.

or ask a skinny white guy to pick it up for you, then get him in his smugglers hole


Well that goes without saying. Though I think Zod has better standards than skinny white guys.

fat white guys?

Meh, I wouldn't be quittin, but this makes you kinda gangsta, just don't bend for the soap if you wanna maintain your status

im sure that tech worked for u luc im sry but where im from gangsta dont take ass fuckings lol

im sure that tech worked for u luc im sry but where im from gangsta dont take ass fuckings lol

yeah lucian, hes an atl gangsta, not san francisco gangsta

rofl good job zod not but seriously no more weed lol if u do quit it will be good for, and dont get analy raped!!! if someone get the dick near ur ass u turn around and beat the shit out of them

. k this is fucking annoying.
someone or sOMETHing keeps fuckinmg deleted my posts
like when sat said RUA to annoy rey and noobs i posted after taht and saw that post.
the smell of kittie REEKS here.

or maybe its ur shitty connection? lol

yeah everything is fucked . im coiming out wit a movie and going to jail haha

yeah ur pretty much screwed, u mine as well jsut start sending random people zodaic letters about how there gunan die while ur at it

LOL!!!! Yeah, best friend smokes weed, said he quit about 4 months ago, what a fatass.. lol he still smokes so, uh.. lets see if you can do it zod!


FYALZodiacWAR wrote:
im sure that tech worked for u luc im sry but where im from gangsta dont take ass fuckings lol

I believe you didn't understand my post

probably didnt give me a heads up lol