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:( Zai--

sry guys but i no longer have rune or msn messenger installed because my dad complains about his damned computer having no memory (dont ask) so he forced me to uninstall them from the computer so im almost out of contact with you guys i might be on forums occasionally (i said that last time but i didnt check it basically)

Sry for being so inactive since my moniter fucked up but this i must do

<pre> -Zai </pre>

np man, take ur time, cya when u get back

nooooooooooo zai come back!!!!!!!!!
just get nother hard drive or somesing

damn i was wondering like when the fuck u would be bak sucks ass u lost msn and rune lol my dad doesnt know i download stuff i hide it all rofl but zai just get bak when u can

dude zaf remember me vk roflcoptorz we were in vk together lol vk sucks