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Youtube Down

I was surfin /x/ after finishing the first Penumbra episode (which you should go buy if you're into getting creeped out), and came across a thread claiming Youtube was down:

Anonymous at 04:47 07/14/10(Wed) wrote:
Youtube has gone down after CIA Top secret declosure video was uploaded on it's server 1 hour 34 minutes ago.

Will update as epic bread continues.

Anonymous wrote:
I saw "Dead Bart - Part 1" in my subscription box uploaded by someone just before the side went down. Coincidence?

Anonymous wrote:
All I know is that something was uploaded on the server and the servers got taken down from outside of google, propably by government. That's all propable, rest is just rumours. Someone said it was footage CIA had.

Anonymous wrote:

this is the video they didn't want us to see


Anonymous wrote:
They're saying on irc It was uploaded on thousands of accounts simultaneously by using macros and a botnet, it's a deliberate attack.

Edit: Youtube up now. Want to figure out why it was down though. Although some of these assumptions might be a troll, I don't believe so. /x/ or 4chan is the closest way to finding out, really.

Anonymous wrote:
everyone of those CIA videos were taken down.

shit is going crazy up in this bitch and I think I"m loosing my minds. I saw those videos and now they're either not there or replaced with others.

I don't fucking believe this, I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Anonymous wrote:

Anonymous wrote:

Anonymous wrote:

UFO's mostly, but not this normal shit footage you get on youtube, I'm talking REAL FUCKING UFO's they we're doing simulation.
pilots getting in, taking off, flying and landing them.

The videos all came online at the same time and I only saw 2 or 3 'cause about 7 minutes later youtube 502'd

I thought this was like some kind of new tech they invented for military use (kinda like when the footage of the blackbird appeard on the web)

wait a sec so ur saing that the cia has alien technology and is experimenting with it??

who else just got a hard on thinking about mass effect?

Anonymous wrote:
I think the guestion is that who the fuck can take out all youtube servers is less than 2 hours without google's consent? Sounds fishy

Доктор !!2/ktrwWiY9L wrote:

Anonymous wrote:
Check it, it might pop-up.

I doubt it will show up there: for firstly, we dont know if they did a rollback or if they just took down the videos. it's likely, that if this whole thing is true, seeing from how fast they acted, they most likely know how to properly clean out all the evidence too.

Youtube comments are disabled for the time being.

Anonymous wrote:
4 years now, probably the CIA part is Exagerated, yeah, but something might have happened, and I want to know what was it

Interesting, I wonder if its true or if youtube just happened to go down and 4chan is coming up with troll nonsense

Ive seen youtube go down a few times