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Your Alias(es)

Alias: an alias is a second name or nick for u i tihkn

ok i made this thread for ppl to post there alias(es)

My aliases are GoD and KiLLer so look for GoD and KiLLer in rune:P

Bhaal, Bhaal Ur, Bal Ur, or Mosedeke. See one of those in a game, and it might be me. Especially if of {{WaR}} is tagged to the end. But you probably figured that.

[NongayNinja], Frog, Duck, Umfs, cancer, Hermaphrodite..
ya that pretty much covers it

like fakenicks?!?! the satros never fakenicks

back in the days tho i could be seen as yanka(affrican style) and puff(pimpin style), you know, for the ladies (and FoX ) lolol