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ok i bought , also i set up a small site until i build a new 1, thats sexy.

so yeah

forusm will eb transfered to this sevrer later..perhaps..


u have to buy the forum?? :S
thats gay
isnt freE? omg!
lov u sat

no i dont have to buy the forum

ops, yea i read itagain and i was confused, k i love u anyways because u work a lot for this clan

Well yes, he does do a lot of work for this clan Because hes our mighty leader. XD
And we all love sat. I'm sure most of us would follow him to hell and back
HAIL SATROS! (XD My brotha, yeah you know your jealous hes my brotha not yours.)

ew sat
hi wick.

Sef is a cooler bro,hes like almost a god in rune.jk.


I dunno about hell and back.

Yesterday I asked "You wanna go fishing?" and he was like "No, I need to make my mom a website. And stuff". LAME.


can u help me start a website i need it for posting photos and other stuff i know there are free ones out there

go to lol,thats were like everybody starts their site.

yeah freewebs is gud

omg satros that video is awsome for sure good job