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World Of Warcraft

Worl of Warcraft is a great game,im gettting the exspansion tomorrow,so if any of you play reply,and for you that dont play,buy it.

ehh 15 bucks a month no THX!
but alot of my friends play it
and my comp can barely run rune
dont think it can rune WOW ^^

i dont play but i think muyo plays

Venom i feel for you.That must suck to have your pc suck.I now realize how lucky i am my friend lol.

lol id get the game but it just doesnt look that intresting, plus it doesnt have a fighting system anywhere close to rune's lol

lol rune is a ver UNIQUE fighting game
dont think anygame else is like it ^^

nope, thats why its my fav game.

u h4x

no your just noobyyyyyy lol jk

lol ninja swords to the death!!

dude WoW is awesome,and i think the best massive rpg out there,from the creators of Diablo that should tell you something,but yeah i just got the exspansion and its pretty badass.

i played but i haven't played in like 4 months

got bored

yeah those kinds of games get a lil boring, lol

diablo owns