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wOOt!!!new fast as hell computer!!!!!!

wooot i am bak!! my new computer has 1.61 GHz and 960 MB of ram and 127GB of space on the c drive and a kick ass graphics card too!! i think.. its what my uncle told me lolbut any way im bak and well now i hav xbox live so add my gamertag its MurDerER112 ooo and i got a new msn i had to get a new cuz i forgot my old ones pass it

ughh 1.61 ghz, is that a new processor or an old one? cus thats pretty slow if it is

but anyways thats awsome dude cant wait to play some gamez

lol, I'm with Sat. Do this. Find your My Computer icon (in the start menu), right click on it, and choose properties. Tell us what it says on the bottom right.

uhh i did and thats what it says in the first post

yeah but should say the name of the processor etc

Yah. Like, mine says

"AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor
2.19Ghz, 1.50 GB RAM"

u guys are so fucking ungrateful lol. 1.61 gig thatrs fucking amazing compared to me. id never say "murd smokes" again if i had that kind of comp.

its not our fault ur pc was bought in 1985 , honestly, u could prolly upgrade for 200-300 dolalrs and get a decent one

were just saying tho 1.61 ghz isnt much(unless its one of the new processors, then its amazing), my pc was bought 6 yrs ago and its 2.09ghz, and it only cost 400 bux back then lol

but if murd says its fast its most likely a new one

2.40 ghz i win muahahaha

thugg u suck u dont have a say in life.

dont be angry cus thuggs pc is 4 of yours ductaped together

actually 6 =p

u all should buy a life

wooow ..have to help ur friends at least and buy them another computer and with the same specifications i mean me

yeah, help me

2.66 GHz (Pwnt ThuGG I win.) 2.00 GB Ram.

Core 2 Duo 1.86 Ghz, 3 GB RAM.



Venomblade wrote:

I second the notion