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woot woot

50 posts NIGGA !!!! lol sry my 50th post is lame i know but fuckin A when i saw 49 what do ya expect i love you all!

WTF lol
teach me how to have 50posts so fast
i was like 2 weeks to do them

k, k i see.. all posts has : Last post by: Imortal_K

lol, nice man.

And Feel It, I'm tempted to use my admin powers and change that avatar of yours. Please change it, so I don't have to figure out how to

lmao phew finally got on hhahah nice avatar feel it..nvm EWWWWWWWWWWWWWw


k we will start voting

just one thing, dont stop posting jsut cus u got 50, make sure u post atleast a few times a week

oh dude sat lol you dont gotta tell me not to stop posting lol you know that


omggg when you put your mouse on his signature it changes colour!! XD XD

oh and yeah. dude, seriously..that avatar is a little bitwelljust change it. =P

swar made the sig

Kar wrote:
oh and yeah. dude, seriously..that avatar is a little bitwelljust change it. =P

OMG OMG!! I just figured that it's YOU in his avatar!

im not going to change my avatar

no lucian! its murds mom! shes a stone cold fox huh

hey! i dont look like that lucian!!

im SO not as hot as murd's mom =P

i definately didnt secks that thing

hahahaha kiki azn seks

that avatar got me all wet and sweaty..
hmmmmmm damnit feel its avatar or murds mom.

k k, u delete murds mom

do u like this one? lol

wtf are u new mortal oh oh wait i forgot im not on that often so next week i should see another new person here

lol hesb een around for a bit, check the want to join section, in fact he will be in war with 1 more yes vote (war clan member voting section)