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so my parents have decided to drag me to wisconsin and leave me there for a week. have any of you guys been there? is there anything good to do there?

im aware that its filled with water parks. thats what my family is gonna be doing for a week >.< anyway, are there good malls or shops or theatres or something? anything? =P

Visit Point Place

what is that? a store?

heyyy. wikipedia says:

Point Place is a fictional small suburban town in Wisconsin, somewhere near Kenosha, Wisconsin, [1] in which the television sitcom That '70s Show takes place.

FICTIONAL. i cant go there =P

wisconisn sux ass, why would you ever go there?

come to NY

well i'd rather go to ny, but my family is going to wisconsin to go on waterslides >.<

you should come to wisconsin and visit me =D

theres big waterparks in all states..

Michigans better :]

ive never been to michigan..

and yeah, but apparently wisconsin has the best/most waterparks.


Michigan is lyke. Win.

Go white water rafting here :]

heh, i think i'd be too scared to do that tbh XD



i loved white water rafting that shits too fun i even fell out of the little raft thang on purpose zodiac was there HE KNOWS HE KNOWWWS we should go again some time