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Why tweens shouldnt vlog


you gotta wonder whose parents allow their retarded kids to post videos on the internet

LMFAO is that  ajonas bros poster in the background?


part 2 of why teens shouldn't be allowed to upload vids to the net:


if i was theyre parents id be ashamed, not because they made a dance video where they try to look 'sexie'

but because they both look like ugly whores with their make up and are propably the worse dancers ive ever seen

i really dont like that fit chick.. or her shirt

and the other chick looks like a dood? yamean?

theyre both equally retarded

Even by my standards

That's a DO NOT WANT

wow thats odd, that kid is like 9 lol he shoudletn even have acsess to the internet lol, hmm not much to say about the second one i dont really get it