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Why ive been Disapearing

FYALZodiacWAR wrote:
LMAO Thank you triclone u think thats gonna impress us li. man do u want a cookie?.

Shit its all about the D's, C's, and B's. Yamean Bitches

straight up

You forgot the F's the I's and the R's!

whoa whoa whoa ill have u know that I get straight A's AND go to school blazed so EFF YOU! . well maybe not straight eyes but i hold true to chinese culture and beat myself off everytime i get below an A

lmao common even i dont try to get Strait A's its not gangsta its more like the term.. "Nerd" or "Geek"

straight A's take to much fuckin work.. i'll stick to my b's

nerd, geek or in college that im payin out my ass for and I dun wanna fuck up

lol just pay some one to take notes for you