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why im not on alot

hey guys, i am one busy little 12 year old lol. i hav school till like 2:15 then football practice till like 5:30 so i get home late. plus my games that r on week days r till like 9:00 so i cant real play alot but i try to get on when i can. i hope u guys understand this cuzi am doing my best to be voted in, lol pc all

gotdamn dude i remember those days back in middle school wit the gaming shit it was hard keeping up wit sports, school work and games but we didnt have this internet shit back then so it was just playstaion classic, nintendo 64, and sega dreamcast(well that didnt hit till i was in freshman yr of high school) but yeah shinmu1,2,and3 was the shit on that the best game ever and they had onine play for it u can check it out on yourtube they have clips of it.

hehe yeah im a busy mother fucker too but i still need my rune.. id prolly go crazy without it

rune is good to get away from alot of work n shit

well accually i can do all my homework in school cuz i had study hall for 2 periods in a row

and i hav to go to bed at like 9:00 on weekdays (fucking curfew) and i somtimes spend the night my friends how for a whole weekend so i try to play as much as i can