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YEAH SO I DECIDED TO START UP A TOPIC WHERE PPL ASK RANDOM QUESTION ABOUT THE OTHER MEMBERS OF WAR AS TO BETTER GET TO KNOW YOUR FELLOW WARonites any who my question is to sat an i would like to know where you got thoose gangsta shades in you pic on the mug thread

fucked up question rofl

my question is to u immortal , how old r u? and wtf ist hat a picture of in ur avatar?

my next question is to me, how old am i?, i am 13, i am talking to myself

murdmy question to you isstfu suicides

im 20 and its a tattoo gun

answer : some random place in the bahamas

fury thats not a question u dumbass

lol this is what happens when i go on the computer when im drunk .. some retarded topic lol

i have a question, i have a question ! to u murd,
are u crazy or bored?

dude that avatar is sooo gross lol

is murd?s mom

murd y do u smoke

lol smoke what

Imortal_K wrote:
lol smoke what

Random leaves that he picks up from the ground